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Simple Pricing

Here at Kayak Columbus, we want to keep things simple. So we have a simple pricing chart that applies to our customers.
Service Price
Monthly Kayak Storage $15/month
Overnight Kayak Storage $5/night
Shuttle to/from River
for Whitewater Rapids
Shuttle to/from River
for Whitewater Rapids
(Park and Play at The Good Wave)
We're not out to break anyones bank. So for the shuttle service, we're planning on a monthly maximum price to keep it affordable for you. We just don't know what that value is yet and we would appreciate your feedback.
Kayak Pickup from Your Home
to our Storage
(Metro Columbus locations only)

Signed-Up Customers

All customers using our monthly storage must be signed-up. That's just a way of saying we know how to get in touch with you. For these customers, we keep track of each shuttle trip and send you an invoice at the end of the month. You'll have an online account to view each charge and even make online payment for services.
Create an account here. (sorry, this is not available yet.)

Customers Not Signed-Up

Sorry, you have to pay as you go.

This weeks Business Hours are:

weekday hours
weekend hours

But if you need us here at other times, we'll accommodate. Just e-mail Jim in advance.
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