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Business Hours

For quality service, we are by appointment. We have a business location and can normally be found there during typical business hours which are 10am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday. However, with a little notice, we will be available whenever and whereever kayakers need us. So give us as much notice as you can and we'll be there for you. Look on our Contact web page for options to reaching us.
Kayaking means freedom. And we don't want to impede on anyone's freedom. So if you want to start a kayaking trip at 4am (like Jim sometimes does), we want to help you. All we need is as much heads up as you can give us.
Lynda also operates a custom printing business at the kayaking shop and Jim operates a custom computer software business there too. We also perform property management/maintainence duties on other buildings on the premisis. That's why we are normally there. We often have to go buy materials and see customers for other businesses. And then we always eat lunch. This is why it is best to make an appointment.

This weeks Business Hours are:

weekday hours
weekend hours

But if you need us here at other times, we'll accommodate. Just e-mail Jim in advance.
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