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Our Facilities are User Friendly

It's the combination of an easy storage solution and a dedicated shuttle service that provide the real benefits for whitewater kayakers. That and more is exactly what we provide.

Storage Facility

Our storage facility is a 6000 sq.ft. garage converted into a kayaking man-cave. Each kayak rack can hold 12 kayaks in an upright position. This is the optimum orientation to prevent damage from oil-canning. You'll find that it is very easy to put your kayak into the rack and get it back out. If desired, your boat can be locked to the rack.
We also have changing rooms. The rooms are 5 ft. by 5 ft. so even a big guy has ample room to move around. It may look like the "box" that Cool Hand Luke stayed in a few times but you don't have to stay in it quite as long. The good news is you don't have to go home in wet clothes.
Sometimes, you hit a knarlly rock and the rock will always win. It happens. So for your cuts and scraps, we have a sizable first aid kit. But we still recommend that you visit your medical professional afterwards.
Parking is always troublesome in downtown Columbus. The recommended parking deck for weekdays is 1/4 mile from the downstream access point. The allowed weekend parking deck is adjacent to the downstream access point but it may or may not be an issue depending on events happening in Uptown Columbus. It's always a hassle unloading your boat and gear, then finding a parking spot, and walking back your gear. However, at our facility, there are about 50 parking spots within 300 feet and only a 100 foot tote from the farthest storage rack to the shuttle bus. Plain and simple, whether you're using our storage or not, it's easy moving your boat where it needs to be.
We have a nice lounge area for your use too. A relaxed place to wait for friends to show up. A place to make new friends. Talk about your excitement. Our garage is a nice place to clean up your gear and knock the sand out.
And we have insurance that not only covers our business equipment but also covers our customers gear. And our facility has security cameras to monitor happenings day and night. And Wi-Fi access. And ....
So use our storage service on a monthly basis or overnight.

Shuttle Service

Our shuttle bus can carry 12 kayakers and their kayaks in the same vehicle. This is important because you and your boat travel together. This is also a safer and easier way to navigate the urban jungle when compared to pulling a trailer. The seats in our shuttle bus are vinyl which means we don't mind when you get the seats wet. It's easy to dry the seats. Our bus has a killer AC unit too.
The rear door of our shuttle bus is wide and unobstructed making it easy to load and unload boats and gear. It's only an 8 minute ride from our facility to the put-in access point and even less from the take-out back. We also keep convience items on the bus like sunscreen and cold water.
So finally kayakers can enjoy the upstream rapids without having to inconvienence friends or without having to bring multiple vehicles. Vandalism and vehicle break-ins are a problem at the 8 parking spots at the put-in location but not at our facility. With our shuttle service, it's so much faster to be on the water than other ways.


Our friendly staff is dedicated to support for kayakers. Soon, our online accounting and billing system will be unvailed to make it easy for our regular customers to make monthly payments for services.

This weeks Business Hours are:

weekday hours
weekend hours

But if you need us here at other times, we'll accommodate. Just e-mail Jim in advance.
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